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When it comes to anticipating the hazardous damage that hurricanes and tornadoes can often cause to a home and property, it is never a bad thing to be over-prepared. For example, hurricanes are capable of producing winds as high as 150 mph, while tornadoes can generate over 200 mph gusts. If you live in an area that experiences hurricane and/or tornado seasons, the potential for property damage is severe. Should these storms pose a threat to your residency or property, you should take the necessary steps to ensure your valuables are secure. One of the most efficient ways to safeguard your property and possessions is to establish that your carport is sturdy and in good shape. Check out the following tips for prepping your carport for tornado and hurricane seasons.

Anchor Your Carport

Whether your carport is located on concrete or asphalt, it is vital to anchor the carport to the foundation that it is built upon. A carport itself is already a durable piece of infrastructure; however, with the potential for severe weather, even the mightiest can fall. Depending on the base that your carport is located on, you can purchase anchors made for concrete, rebar, asphalt, and more. An anchored carport is your best bet for protecting your car, motorcycle, or other vehicles and possessions that are housed in a carport during a hurricane or tornado. If you already have anchors for your carport, double check that they are secure and fastened appropriately.

Does Insurance Cover Your Carport?

Checking with your homeowner insurance provider to see if your carport is covered by hurricane and tornado damage can save you money in the long run. If your carport and the items within it aren’t covered by insurance, it would be wise to obtain a separate policy that covers the carport and the items it is housing. In the instance that your home and property are faced with a remarkable storm, you’ll want any damage sustained to your carport to be covered by insurance as well.

Evaluate the Structural Integrity of Your Carport

Before tornado season and hurricane seasons kick off, it is beneficial to call a professional to assess the bows, legs, roof, and other accessories of your carport to make sure that they are up-to-date and durable. Getting a structural assessment allows you to know what needs to be replaced, fixed, or changed before it’s too late.

Understand What Type of Damage is Possible

Hurricanes and tornadoes produce an array of challenges for homeowners. It is essential to know what kind of damage your carport could potentially experience during these storms. Typical damage that these storms bring include hail, water, wind, and debris. When considering these threats, it is your responsibility to accommodate your possessions within your carport appropriately. A few pointers to minimize any damage include:

  • Parking your car in the center of your carport
  • Don’t leave boxes and tools on the ground
  • Make sure that your carport isn’t located near any large trees or branches

Allow Millennium Buildings to Install or Repair Your Carport Today

At Millennium Buildings, we offer the highest quality steel structures in country. Our team is well equipped with the knowledge and skills to protect and repair your carport unlike other similar services in the industry. If you have any questions about prepping your carport for storm damage, desire carport repair services, or would like to know more about our products, give us a call today at 866-216-8499.

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