Frequently Asked Questions | Millennium Buildings
What is my delivery time?
The answer to this is greatly based on your location. There are other factors that may affect the time of delivery. Which could be a combination of something like the time of year, the weather, and your site being unlevel.
How big does my concrete pad need to be?
After installation you are to call your code office and request a final inspection on project that’s finished and if it’s ok, you can use the unit.
If anything fails call CCI and we will address what failed so you can get a final inspection completed and finalized so the unit can be used.
What is the highest leg height I can order?
The Standard and Triple Wide carports can be up to 16′ tall and commercial buildings can be up to 20′ tall.
Are additions possible after installation?
Yes, we will try to accommodate any building purchased through us. Some service fees from the manufacturer and/or contractor may apply.
How secure is my personal information?
Your personal information is secured while communicating with our servers using the latest standards in encryption technology. We use SSL encryption to protect your data as it’s sent over the internet. We never store your credit card information; all credit card orders are passed to our merchant processor.
Will installing electricity to my building void my warranty?
It is possible to add electricity as long as the alterations do not affect the structural integrity of the building. Please call in to speak to one of our sales professionals about this sort of modification in order to protect your warranty.
What is the warranty on my building?

There is a 1 Year Workmanship warranty on all buildings.

10-25 Year Limited Rust through Warranty location specific.

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