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Metal barns roof come in different styles. Namely:

Horse Barns: Apart from these units been economical, durable, and easily affordable, they can be maintained with ease, they are also designed with rounded roof lines and horizontal sheet metal.

Carolina Barn: Caroline Barns have an A-frame roof line, these units arrive in the Boxed Eave style with the horizontal sheet metal.  Nevertheless they can be upgraded to the vertical roof style with the vertical sheet metal.

Seneca Barn: The Seneca barn feature A-frame roof line, although these units come with the Standard Boxed Eave style with horizontal sheet metal, they can very well be upgraded to vertical roof style with vertical sheet metal.

Advantage of Purchasing a Metal Barn


First, metal barns are the most diverse structures you can find, they can be customized to fit into any type of need. Metal barns can remain open for storing your equipment and hay easily. When required the units can also be fully enclosed for animal or dry feed storage. If you want to maximize space, you can include, side entries, stalls, window, walk in doors and garage doors.

Why should I buy metal barn over wood barn?

When put side by side, metal barns are cost effective and can be easily maintained compared to wood products. The integrity and durability of your investment will not be endangered because, the galvanized steel frame protects it from rot, termites, rust, mold and other insects.

If you are looking to protect your investment, Look no further, we have got you covered!

The highest quality product in the market today is what Millennium Buildings offers you, through our partnership with Carolina Carports Inc. our experts are eagerly waiting to assist you in designing your metal structure.  Call us today on 866-216-8499 or send us an email at today!

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