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Commercial Metal Buildings measure from 32’ Wide to 60’ Wide, they freely span and are up to 20’ Tall. These units can be installed in various ways, it can be installed as a top only, could be installed partially or fully enclosed. Also these units come standard fully vertical for as long as you need them, plus you can add Lean too’s for maximum width.

Whether it’s for start-up businesses, churches, schools or creating additional space for your existing business Commercial units are perfect for you. The higher leg heights gives enough space for housing mechanic lifts, cranes, man lifts, storage racks or customization with interior office spaces.

You can also use the free span design for farming and residential needs, this can include the storing of oversized equipment, stable facilities, covering of pool areas or indoor recreational facilities.

If what you are looking for is a building over 60’ wide, larger free span units are available for custom engineering.

Commercial Building Design

Using our commercial building design offers you:

  • Welded Truss System For Maximum Durability
  • Welded Ladder Style Leg System
  • Standard Vertical Roof
  • Standard Vertical Sides & Ends (Lap Siding Coming Soon!)
  • 4’ Center Spacing
  • Wind Loads Up to 170MPH
  • Snow Loads Up to 65PSF
  • Courtesy Site Inspection Prior to Manufacturing
  • Dedicated Customer Service Contact to help with Design, Delivery and Installation

Commercial Metal Buildings vs. Red Iron

When put side by side, commercial metal buildings are of a higher quality compared to red iron structures, this is because the heavy duty welded truss system and ladder legs gives you maximum durability. Plus the rating for commercial metal buildings when it comes to the wind and snow are a lot higher than red iron. Finally installation is free when you purchase commercial metal buildings, unlike when you purchase a red iron kit, which must be assembled by a contracting company.

Do you want to protect your investment? Don’t look anywhere else, we have got you covered!

At Millennium Buildings we offer you the best quality product in the market presently, we do this through our partnership with Carolina Carports Inc. Our experts are waiting to help you design your metal structure. Please call us at 866-216-8499 or send us an email at today!

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