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The types of Triple Wide units measure from 26’ Wide to30’ Wide, it measures up to 20’ Tall and can also be as long as you need them to be. All of triple Wide units have wind and snow standard certification to meet your country or city requirements. Also these units come with a welded truss system, to ensure maximum durability.

For storing multiple vehicles, oversized farm equipment, RV’s, ATV’s, boats and other assets, Triple Wide units are perfect.

Triple Wide Roof Styles

Triple Wide Roof metal carports come in three different styles, they include:

Regular Roof Triple Wide: This Regular Roof units are readily available from 26’ Wide to 30’ Wide, also up to 36’ long and up to 20’ Tall. The regular roof style units have rounded corners and horizontal sheet metal. Our over 36’ long units are connected throughout, we warn that leaks are likely to occur at the seams.

Boxed Eave Roof Triple Wide: This type of roof style units, has an A-frame roof line and a horizontal sheet metal, to upgrade to Boxed Eave is stylish and affordable at the same time. For as long as you may need them, we have these units available from 12’ Wide to 30’ Wide to 60’ Wide, up to 20’ Tall.  Units that are more than 36’s long are connected from one end to another. Please be warned that leaks may occur at the seams.

Vertical Roof Triple Wide:  Vertical Roof style come in an A-frame roofline and vertical sheet metal, they give you maximum protection/shield plus they are the highest quality of units available. They are available for however long as you need them, from 12’ wide to 60’ wide, and can be 20’ tall. To create wider units we can add Lean too’s.

Seeking protection for your investment? Don’t look any further, we have got your back!

Millennium Buildings makes available to you the highest quality product in the market today, this is as a result of our partnership with Caroline Carports Inc. In designing your metal structure, we have experts waiting to help you today. Please call 866-216-8499 or send us an email at today!

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