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Whether open on all sides or fully-enclosed, free spanning metal buildings can be designed to fit any number of shading, shelter and storage purposes. Built from the highest quality components and steel, our metal buildings will give you the stability and durability you need for your extra space. Never worry again about weather damage, termites and other pests.

Our metal carports start at 12′ wide and 20′ tall and can span lengthwise as needed. They are fully customizable with roof styles, door and window options, lean-to additions, and interior features like electricity and insulation to give comfort to your carport.

Find out more about the many different uses and applications for metal buildings.


Agriculture & Farming
Farm sheds and barns made with the highest quality, made in America steel offer excellent storage and shelter options for all of your farming and agricultural needs.
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Animal Shelter
Our metal barns can be designed to provide a safe, comfortable space for animals at an affordable cost.
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Our metal boat covers will protect your boat from all weather, theft, and animal threats all while keeping it close and easily accessible for maintenance.
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Dual Car
Our two-car garages come in various sizes and can be covered, partially enclosed, or fully enclosed.
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Man Caves
Our fully enclosed metal garages will protect high-value items such as electronics, tools, and equipment from harsh weather and can be customized with features to make for a comfortable space to relax and unwind.
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Our fully enclosed, free spanning metal buildings can range from 12′ to 60′ wide and up to 20′ tall with as much space length-wise as needed.
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Whether it’s a pool, patio, or lawn, our metal carports are excellent options for protecting your guests from sun, rain, and other weather that could ruin an outdoor event.
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Patio Canopy
Patio canopies designed with metal carport bases are stable and long-lasting yet built to be open to allow you to entertain in the outdoors without risking sunburns or canceling an event because of rain.
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Pavilions are cost-effective ways to add shelter or shade to any outdoor area. With their covered roofs and open sides, you can enjoy nature without being exposed to harsh elements.
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Picnic Area
With covered carports, picnic tables stay cool and ready for feasting even in the heat of the day and rainy days can’t stop outdoor fun, whether picnicking, bar-be-cueing, hot tubbing, or cozying up by a firepit.
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Metal RV carport covers from Millennium Buildings are manufactured in America and made with the highest quality steel available on the market to give you the ultimate protection for your RV.
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She Sheds
Our metal garages can be customized to create a quiet space for your new She Shed providing a comfortable sanctuary you can call your own.
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Our multi-purpose metal shelters are perfect for storing multiple vehicles, oversized farm equipment, RVs, ATVs, boats, or converting into horse and livestock shelters.
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Finding yourself with overflowing boxes or equipment? Consider a metal carport for your storage needs to keep them out of site but not out of reach.
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Tractor Barn
Our metal tractor barns are built to be diverse and low-maintenance, ensuring you can focus on the important job of running your farm without having to worry about your storage needs.
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Protect your investment from being easily damaged by foul weather, animals, or careless passersby with a strong and durable carport from Millennium Buildings.
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Our free-spanning, open structures, and high leg heights mean enough interior space to store high-volumes and large equipment, from man-lifts to cranes.
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Millennium’s metal garages are excellent bases to create workshop space. These fully-enclosed units will protect high-value items such as tools and equipment from harsh weather, theft, and pests.
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