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Millennium’s metal buildings are multi-use, customizable structures ideal for storage of vehicles and valuables, shelter for animals and livestock, covered party space, private work rooms and so much more.

All of our metal carport structures are made with the highest quality materials available. Choose from our many carport products and work with our expert design consultants to create the perfect building to fit your needs.


Metal carport structures can be so much more than a covering for vehicles. Today, they are being used for everything from boat and animal shelters to pavilions and patio coverings.

Metal carports are valuable additions to any outdoor space. Their flexible design can attach to your home or barn or be free-standing. By adding walls, a simple carport can transition into fully-enclosed units.

These structures are typically made with fabric or steel roofing, are supported by posts or beams, and can be designed with materials to protect against rain, snow, ice, and even UV rays.


Metal garages are ideal for protecting vehicles and other high-value items from harsh weather, theft, animals and pests. These fully-enclosed, free spanning metal buildings can range from 12′ to 60′ wide and up to 20′ tall with as much space length-wise as needed.

By adding elements like electricity, insulation, doors, and windows, metal garages can be quickly customized to function as guesthouses, craft and hobby sheds, or even offices for quiet space when working from home. They can also be customized to match your home or barn with various siding, roof and color options.


Metal barns come in different styles including Horse Barns, Carolina Barns and Seneca Barns. These metal structures are cost effective and more durable compared to traditional wooden barns. Our galvanized steel frames provide protection from rot, rust, mold, termites and more.

Steel barns provide space to store vehicles, hay, and equipment, and act as excellent shelters for animals. They can be designed to remain open, making for easier storage of equipment, or can be fully enclosed, which benefits dry feed and animal storage. Customization options such as side entries, stalls, windows, walk-in doors, and/or garage doors help maximize space.


Commercial metal buildings are long-lasting, stable and cost-effective options for retail and wholesale development, office and community space. They are free-spanning and can be constructed up to 20′ tall and as long vertically as needed, 23 to 60′ wide and with additional lean-tos for added width. Metal commercial buildings can be constructed quickly and economically with customized interiors for your unique purposes. All components are delivered to your construction site pre-made, welded and ready for assembly, making installation fast and painless.


Triple-wide carports, or triples, are designed to cover up to three vehicles of various sizes. These units can be manufactured for storing farm equipment, housing animals and livestock, and covering large trucks, boats, RVs and ATVs. All triples are built for maximum durability with a welded truss system as well as wind and snow standard certifications to meet country or city requirements.

Triples measure from 26′ to 30′ wide, up to 20′ tall, and as long as necessary. They can be customized with added lean-tos, side wall panels, fully-enclosed walls, and enclosed utility storage for additional space.

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Imagine your ideal event space brought to life through a steel building construction project

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