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Metal Buildings for Sale in California

Millennium Buildings - Garage

With land stretching up and down the coast and across the state from beaches to mountains, California experiences all types of weather – and all types of weather-related problems. While warm temperatures from the Pacific Ocean lead to mild weather across most of the state’s coastal regions, the inland areas of the state tend to be dryer and more prone to forest fires, with hotter summers and colder winters. Northern California’s moderate climate and oceanic atmosphere bring in more rainfall than other areas of the state, especially compared to the deserts in the southeast. The valleys in the center of the state tend to have dry summers and cool, rainy winters, while the High Sierra region in the central eastern part of the state gets enough snow to make areas like Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain prime ski destinations.

When it comes to buying carports, garages, barns, sheds, and other shelters, there is no better option to face Mother Nature’s many different sides than metal. Steel frames can protect against California’s harsh sun and heat and provide security in case of fire. They can also withstand large amounts of rain and snow. Buildings made with metal don’t attract termites, insects, and other pests, making them consistently more stable and longer-lasting than wood in any type of weather.

Recommended Products for California


Create covered pavilions and patio canopies to provide a much-needed break from fierce sun during summer days.


Give pets and farm animals shade in the heat of the summer and protect them from the elements with covered, partially-enclosed, or fully-enclosed barns.


Avoid damaging UV rays and harsh weather with garages built to fit multiple vehicles, from cars and trucks to small boats and ATVs.


Erect solid, durable structures for multi-purpose use, including emergency hurricane and tornado shelters.


Store larger vehicles and oversized equipment with these units that come certified to stand through high winds and include a welded truss system to ensure maximum stability.


Color Planner

Having trouble visualizing your building project? Use our color picker to check out roof, wall, and trim color options from up to 16 choices. learn more

Buying Guides

New to the many options metal carports offer? Use our Buying and Installation Guide – available for Metal Workshops, Metal Garages, Metal Carports-RV Carports, and Metal Barns – to learn more about what you need to consider prior to your carport purchase. Topics include: color choices, steel gauge framing levels, size options, roof styles, installation and site prep, certification considerations, FAQs, and much more.learn more

Building Visualizer

Don’t just dream it – see it before you buy with our Building Visualizer, available for all of our primary products: Commercials, Triples, Barns, Garages, and Carports. With our Building Visualizer, you can view basic components or all components available for each type of metal building. See a digital top view, front view, and side view of your potential structure, and click on elements to learn more. learn more

Service Areas

Millennium Buildings operates across California, including in the following cities:

Los Angeles | San Diego | San Jose | San Francisco | Fresno | Sacramento | Long Beach | Oakland | Bakersfield | Anaheim | Riverside | Santa Ana | Stockton | Irvine | Chula Vista | Fremont | Modesto | San Bernardino | Fontana | Oxnard | Moreno Valley | Glendale | Huntington Beach | Santa Clarita | Rancho Cucamonga | Ontario | Elk Grove | Oceanside | Santa Rosa | Corona | Garden Grove | Hayward | Lancaster | Salinas | Sunnyvale

In California, building code requirements vary from city to city and by county.

Why Choose Millennium

Local Knowhow

Our sales teams are well-versed in California’s local and state building requirements to help guide you along the way.


Our team of metal building and design experts will work with you to plan the best structure for your needs at a budget that won’t break the bank.

Quality Guarantee

At Millennium Buildings, we use only the highest quality materials. All of our buildings come with a up to 1 year workmanship satisfaction based on your location, We also offer a Limited 10-25 year Warranty (Location Specific).

Financing & Delivery Options

We offer best-in-class delivery options starting at just two weeks and financing options, including rent-to-own.


We are veteran-owned and proud to give back to those who have served. We offer all current military and veterans a military discount.

Design Your Dream Building!

Imagine your ideal event space brought to life through a steel building construction project

Design IT

Imagine your ideal event space brought to life through a steel building construction project

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