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We offer three primary roof styles to choose from depending on budget, needs and local weather conditions: vertical roof, boxed eave and regular. While similar in A-frame rooflines, the major difference between the three styles is the orientation of the panels.

We also offer three barn styles: Carolina barns, Seneca barns and Horse barns. These styles are best for agricultural storage, animal shelters, and storage for farm equipment.

Choose a style based on budget, design preferences and local weather patterns.


Vertical roof styles are versatile and can be used for many purposes such as covers for agricultural and farming equipment or fully-enclosed sheds for extra storage space.

Vertical roofs are recommended in areas that receive high winds and a lot of precipitation. The angled paneling on vertical roofs helps direct snow, rain, leaves and dirt off the roof to prevent issues caused by debris pileups.

Boxed Eave

Boxed eave roofs are sturdy, economical options for many carport projects. They can be left open-sided or converted into fully or partly-enclosed spaces by adding panels to the sides.

Boxed eave roofs are recommended in areas with lower precipitation levels and low to moderate winds.


Regular roof styles are the lowest-cost roofing available for metal carports. They are similar in shape to vertical and boxed eave styles but have rounded corners, horizontal roof panels and no hat channel, ridge cap, or eave side trim.

Regular roof styles are economical options and best in areas with lower precipitation levels and low to moderate winds.


Carolina-style barns feature Boxed Eave, A-line roof styles and horizontal sheet metal. They are durable and functional and can be upgraded to a Vertical roof with vertical sheet metal if local weather patterns call for it.


Seneca barns are the most durable of all three barn styles with A-frame roof lines, Boxed Eave roof styles and horizontal sheet metal. They can also be upgraded easily to a Vertical roof style with vertical sheet metal. Cross braces in the roof provide greater resilience than the other styles, so Seneca barns are best for areas with high winds or great amounts of precipitation.


Horse barns have rounded roof lines and horizontal sheet metal. They are economical, durable, affordable and easily maintained for vehicle and equipment storage or animal shelter.

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