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Purchasing FAQs

What ground type can the metal structure will be built on?

Dirt, gravel, asphalt, concrete. Keep in mind all certified structures must be installed on and anchored to concrete. Also, where you are going to have your structure built must be level.

How much clearance will I need?

There should be a minimum of 3′ of clearance around where the structure will be located, so the installers have room to perform the installation.

Are there payment options?

If financing is needed, we have multiple options, depending upon your situation and credit. Once you’ve agreed upon a price, and signed the quote from a Millennium building specialist, a deposit is required. After that, you will pay the remaining balance to the installing manufacturer of the structure.

How do I know what size structure I need?

This is extremely important! Many times, we see someone wanting to cover or enclose a boat or trailer, but forget to take into consideration the full length of the trailer and possible equipment in the back. For example, your boat may be 21′, but actually, there is another 2′ from the outboard engine, then another 3-4′ of tongue at the front of the trailer. So now you’re covering or enclosing a 26-27′ item at a minimum. Taking the time to fully consider your exact dimensions can save headaches in the end, and ensure your complete satisfaction with your next metal structure.

Do I need any permits for my structure?

In most areas of the US, having a permit for construction of your structure is necessary from your local county/city or state government. Please consider calling or checking the web for your local municipalities permitting requirements for your next metal structure.