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Millennium Buildings - Warehouse


Millennium’s metal buildings are ideal for warehouse space. Our free-spanning, open structures, and high leg heights mean enough interior space to store high-volumes and large equipment, from man-lifts to cranes.

Metal warehouses are strategic choices for commercial and business use, farming or residential storage, or even additional space for recreational or community purposes.

Solid steel framing with a welded truss system and a welded ladder style leg system for maximum durability means we can offer warehouses at any vertical length and up to 20′ tall and 60′ wide. The stable framework of our metal warehouse buildings can take wind loads up to 170MPH and snow loads up to 65PSF, ensuring structural stability even in harsh weather.

Metal Warehouse Features

Our metal warehouses include several key structural features to give you peace-of-mind. In addition to our “Made in the USA” material guarantee, we use only the highest quality materials available for all of our structures. Our metal commercial buildings come standard with top-of-the-line vertical paneling, ensuring structural stability and low maintenance.

Additional features
  • Welded truss system for maximum durability
  • Welded ladder style leg system
  • Standard vertical roof
  • Standard vertical sides and ends (lap siding coming soon!)
  • 4′ center spacing
  • Wind loads up to 170MPH *Note (Specific Locations)
  • Snow loads up to 65PSF *Note (Specific Locations)
  • Courtesy site inspection prior to manufacturing
  • Dedicated customer service contact to help with design, delivery, and installation
  • Financing options, including rent-to-own
  • Free delivery to fit your schedule

Warehouse Customizing Options

Our flexible designs offer opportunities for customization, including size, color, interior adjustments, and external additions for even more space.

Additional features
  • Doors, including standard walk-in and roll-up garage doors for loading/unloading
  • Windows
  • Lean-tos for additional storage space
  • Building types (open, partially open, or enclosed)

As a veteran-owned company, we believe it is our duty to give back to the active military as well as all veterans. To show our gratitude for your service, we would like to offer you a discount. Please call for details: 1-866-216-8499.

Metal Warehouse Uses

Our metal commercial warehouses are excellent options if you are looking for space and stability in your building. We have designed metal warehouses for many different projects, including:

  • Commercial storage
  • Chemical storage
  • Heavy machinery storage
  • Equipment storage
  • Raw material storage
  • Farming/agricultural storage
  • Workshops
  • Auto repair shops
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Recreational facilities
  • Gymnasiums
  • Retail space
  • Office space
  • Distribution centers

For more information or help choosing the right building for your needs, click on our chat-bot on the bottom right of the screen or call our team at 1-866-216-8499.

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