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Millennium Buildings offers three different roof styles to choose from depending on your budget, needs, and local weather conditions. The roof styles are: the vertical style, the boxed eave style, and the regular style roofs. While vertical style and boxed eave style roofs are similar with A-frame rooflines, the major difference is the vertical style has vertical roof panels whereas the boxed eave style has horizontal roof panels. The regular style roofs are our budget option offered on units up to 30′ or 35′ long (depending on your location) and have a rounded style roof.

Vertical roofs are structurally stable and the highest quality roof-style available, offering maximum protection for your investment. These roofs are constructed with vertical sheet metal, allowing for easier water run-off. They also have more steel framing than the other two styles, with a ridge cap and hat channel running across the structure to fully support the vertical panels.

Vertical carport roofs are recommended in areas that see high winds and receive great amounts of precipitation. The paneling on these units helps angle snow, rain, leaves, dirt and other matter off the roof, avoiding issues caused by pileups.

Vertical Roof Uses

Vertical roof carports make versatile buildings for different uses, from covers for your agricultural and farming equipment to fully-enclosed sheds for work and hobby space, to garages for cars, trucks, boats, and more.

We offer flexible carport designs that can accommodate changing needs. An open, vertical roof style vehicle carport can later be enclosed on three sides and updated with a garage door and walk-in door to create a secure workspace for cars, tools, and equipment.

Customization Options

Size: Vertical roofs range from 12′ to 60′ wide, up 20′ tall, and are designed to your length specifications. Wider units are created by adding lean-tos to the ends.

When considering size, it is important to keep in mind that the slight overhang on the ends of the roof will cause the roof to extend past the base of the building.

Color: We offer up to 16 different color options, depending on your location and product type. Learn more about our color choices here.

Millennium’s design and sales teams will work with you to create the best building for your needs and at your budget. Get help choosing the right roof style for your installation by clicking on our chat-bot on the bottom right of the screen or calling our team at 1-866-216-8499.

delivered and installed in the USA

We ensure that your carport will be constructed with only the best available components. Additionally, all structures come with a up to 1 year workmanship satisfaction based on your location. Ask about our Limited 10-25 year Warranty (Location Specific).

We also offer different buying choices, including financing options. With delivery times starting at just two weeks, we are proud to provide the fastest delivery options on the market. We can also hold your purchase until you are ready to install with no additional charge. Ask our team about the delivery times available in your area.

As a Veteran-owned company, we are constantly grateful for all of our active duty and veteran service members. To show our thanks, we would like to offer a discount to all of our service member clients. Please call us for more details: 1-866-216-8499.

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