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From evaluating the optimal size to narrowing down the best building materials for your needs, here are four key factors to keep in mind while constructing a steel structure for your Houston home. 


When in need of extra space around your Houston home, a steel structure can be the ideal solution to the problem. Whether it’s a garage to store vehicles, a workshop dedicated to hobbies or side hustles, or even a pavilion for entertaining — steel structures lend themselves to a variety of purposes, and at Millennium Buildings, we specialize in carefully crafting the highest quality creations to accommodate your Houston home.

Before you begin the construction phase, however, there are a few key components to contemplate while you finalize your plans. Here’s a quick look at four of the most important factors to keep in mind when crafting your Houston steel structure.


The Size of Your Steel Structure

Once you settle on the purpose of your structure, you’ll need to carefully consider just how large you’d like it to be. While the standard sizes that Millennium Buildings offers vary depending on the style you choose, we are able to shorten and lengthen the structure based on your preferences.

For example, if you’re building a steel garage outside of your Houston home, it can range from 12’ to 60’ and up to 20’ tall. If you’re constructing a barn, the measurements can go as high as 60’ wide and 52’ long, reaching 20’ in height. If you’d like a larger building than our measurements allow, we can accomodate your needs in select styles by attaching two units end-to-end.


The Location of Your Steel Structure

While it’s ultimately up to you where you construct the steel structure for your Houston home, there are a few requirements to keep in mind when settling on the final location. Uneven land is a significant restriction in properly installing a building, so you’ll first need to pick a patch of land that has level ground. Additionally, it will need to have a surface like dirt, asphalt, or concrete, as those provide a solid and level foundation for construction.

If you need help determining where the most level land patches are on your Houston property, we can send out an expert to help you accurately evaluate your options. Additionally, ensure that you’ve double-checked your measurements and have the proper amount of space for installation. While the customizability of our steel structures lend themselves to a number of sizing options for your Houston home, we recommend using legitimate measuring tools from the hardware store to ensure the accuracy of your measurements.


City Regulations and Codes

Houston is notorious for its lack of zoning laws. While the city does have a number of codes on how properties can be subdivided, these codes do not have anything to say about land use. That means, when it comes to building your steel structure in Houston, you won’t have to worry about cutting through too much red tape. While there are certain minimum property standards, it’s best to run any questions you might have by the Houston Permitting Center in order to ensure that all of the necessary protocol is followed. Most likely, you’ll be required to have a building permit at the least.

Additionally, if you live in a neighborhood with an active homeowners’ association, you’ll want to consult it beforehand regarding any regulations on size and location.


Building Materials

Every Millennium Buildings steel structure is made with 100% made-in-the-USA, premium galvanized steel, there is a little bit of variability depending on preferences. Wood is an excellent material option, but since Houston can be prone to flooding, it may be a riskier choice. That’s why we ultimately recommend and construct with the strength and durability of steel.


Ready to Construct a Steel Structure for Your Houston Home?

At Millennium Buildings, quality and efficiency are our highest  priorities. If you’re in the market to add a steel structure to your Houston property and are contemplating what your best options might be, our team is more than happy to answer any queries and steer you in the right direction for you wants and needs. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 336-396-4944.

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Imagine your ideal event space brought to life through a steel building construction project

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