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For those spending extended periods of time at home, extra space can be a necessity. Whether for extra storage, a focused work-from-home space, or a school away from school, a metal structure has plenty of benefits during a shelter in place.

These days, people are staying home more than often. Schools have been moved online, work is happening from home and outings happen less frequently than ever before. If you’re dealing with a change in routine and realizing how little extra space you have, then a metal structure could be the cost-effective solution you’re looking for.

At Millennium Buildings, we offer a wide variety of durable metal structures, from garages to barns to workshops — each of which can be equipped and customized for your stay-at-home needs. Get to know more about the versatility of our offerings, and see if a metal structure could benefit you.

Vehicle storage

Traveling less for work and looking to securely store an extra vehicle? Our metal garages are built with some of the highest quality materials on the market, made to ensure that your possessions are safe from wear and tear, theft, and any other threats that might come from long-term outdoor storage.

The size of our metal structures can be customized to accommodate vehicles of all sizes, whether you’re storing away your motorcycle or your pickup truck.

Home office

Working from home can be ripe with distractions, whether it’s zoning out to the TV, grabbing snacks from the kitchen, or getting lost in conversation with housemates or family. If you’re in need of a productivity boost and looking to create the perfect, customized, distraction-free environment, our metal structures can be made to your exact specifications.

In addition to customizable size and colors, our garages can also be outfitted with windows, insulation, and temperature control and provide plenty of wide-open space for desks, electronic equipment and anything else you need to complete your home office — far-removed from the distractions in your home.

Home school

As schools have been forced to move online and the future plan for returning is far from predictable, many parents have stepped into the role of educators. Conducting class at the kitchen table, however, is less than ideal.

Want to create a more productive school environment to aid your children in learning? Our metal garages provide plenty of space, no matter how large your class is. Put in a few tables and chairs, install a whiteboard on the walls, and provide your kids with a richer schooling environment.

Extra storage

Stocking up on extra food? Need to make more space in your home for kids or pets, and move out surplus furniture? Keep all of your possessions secure, temperature controlled, and close by in one of our metal structures.

Design Your Metal Structure

No matter how you use a metal structure during your shelter in place, you can trust in the craftsmanship and expertise of Millennium Buildings. Our team brings an advanced knowledge of building construction, safety, and maintenance and can provide the expertise to advise you on each of our metal structure options.

If you have any questions or are ready to get started, feel free to give us a call at 866-216-8499.

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