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Whether storing a boat or ATV away for the winter or looking to keep a less-used vehicle safe from wear and tear and theft, the metal structures at Millennium Buildings are perfect for long-term storage.

Storing your boat for the winter? Have an ATV or truck that’s reserved for special occasions? Looking to keep your vehicle kept away while you work on maintenance? No matter the reason, it helps to have a reliable and secure long-term storage solution for your vehicles.

At Millennium Buildings, we offer a number of storage options for whatever vehicles you might need to store. Take a look at our metal structure options and see what best suits you.

Storage Shed

Our storage shed options are made from our metal carports, which means they offer the ideal amount of space and security for your vehicles while also keeping them close by. The materials used to construct our storage sheds are of the highest quality and come with a “Made in the USA” material guarantee, so you can rest easy knowing your new storage solution is strong and durable, at an affordable price.

If you want to further customize your storage shed, you can also add windows, insulation and extra reinforcement, as well as choose the right color and roof style.


At Millennium Buildings, we offer three different barn styles.The Seneca barn, Carolina barn, and Horse bar. The Seneca and Carolina barn features an A-frame continuous roof line, boxed eaves, and horizontal sheet metal, While the Horse barn’s are designed with a rounded roof line and horizontal sheet metal. These structures are built to last and can be easily upgraded to suit your needs. These different kinds of barns can easily handle high winds and heavy rain while keeping everything inside safe and dry.

These different barn styles can be partially open or fully enclosed based on your needs.

Metal Covers

Want to cover your vehicle without totally locking it away? Our metal covers offer protection from the elements and are perfect for areas that get lower levels of precipitation and moderate winds.

When choosing the right metal cover for your vehicle, you can select the roof style based on your budget, local weather, and overall needs. The different options include a vertical roof, boxed eave roof, and regular roof style, with the major difference between each being the style of your preference.

For those looking for the most cost-effective option, regular roofs provide durability and protection at an affordable price.

Metal Garages

Being one of the most common options for long-term vehicle storage, Millennium Buildings’ metal garages are fully enclosed and can range in size from 12 feet to 60 feet wide and up to 20 feet tall. Similar to storage sheds, metal garages can also be customized with windows, insulation and doors. For those looking for a garage that can also double as a work space, our metal garages are the perfect options.

Find Your Long-Term Storage Solution

The team at Millennium Buildings brings an advanced level of expertise and craftsmanship to the building and planning process, making them well-equipped to answer any and all of your questions. If you’d like to hear more about our metal structure options or are ready to get started, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 866-216-8499.

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