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What to consider When Buying a Metal Garage

Weather Conditions

If the area where you live gets intense rain, hail, snow, wind, or similar rough weather conditions, then this is a factor that deserves high priority at the time of purchase, focusing on the right metal garage construction that can keep your vehicles as well as other items or possessions safe and sound.

Dedicated Space

You need to have a level space that can be dedicated for the garage installation. Check to make sure you have enough space available for the structure and room around the area for the installation crew.

Installation Permission

You may be required to have a building permit for a garage installation on your property. Get in touch with your local municipality to find out if a building permit exists for you. You don’t want to be in violation of any building code!

Windows and Doors

Would you like your garage completely closed or have a couple of windows, walk-in and or garage doors to keep the space airy, accessible and well-lit?


You have the freedom to customize your metal garage in a variety of ways to make it fit seamlessly with your property, home or business. What you want from your garage in terms of look and feel and functionality? Millennium Buildings offers you high degree of customization in building your metal garage, to realize your vision as closely as possible, if not exactly.

Roof Style

The roof is just as important as the walls of your metal garage, if not more. You need this component of the garage to be highly robust in structure for whatever natural and climatic conditions that your garage is most likely to be susceptible to. Here are the main roof styles that are available with metal garages:


Boxed Eave


Choosing the Right Size for your needs


As per the industry standard, garage lengths usually come as 21′, 26′, 31′, and subsequently increments of 5′. What length would work for your metal garage would actually be determined by how you intend to use your garage. Your purpose could be to store several cars, store vehicles other than cars or spare goods and equipment, or anything else. Whether you want a standard length metal garage or one with a customized length, Millennium Buildings can offer a solution as per your requirements.


You certainly want your metal garage to be sufficiently wide so that it easily accommodates all the vehicles and equipment that are supposed to go in it. Standard widths work for standard needs. For example, if you want the garage to be wide enough for 2 cars, then the width could range anywhere from 20′ to 24′. It’s best to plan out your intended usage for the garage. You can discuss the same with our customer services team who can then give you appropriate personalized suggestions.


To measure your garage height, you will need to look at the height of the garage sides, and not at the vertical distance between the ground and apex of the roof. Getting the height right is crucial to allow the vehicles to safely get in and out of the garage. 6′ is your standard height for garages. If your garage has a width of 32′ or more, the height necessary could increase to 8′. When determining the height for your garage, you should also factor in the future possibility of a garage door installation; the garage would need to have enough height for this door to fit in.

Steel Gauge Framing

Choosing the right steel gauge framing for your metal garage is important determinant in the garage’s overall strength. So it’s worthwhile understanding the concept of steel gauge framing more closely. What does gauge mean here anyway? It is a measurement of metal thickness, and as a result metal strength for your metal garage. According to this measurement system, the higher the gauge number the thinner the steel will be, and the lower is the gauge the thicker and stronger the steel will be. The ideal steel thickness for your metal garage structure would depend on many factors, like climatic conditions of the area, the worst possible weather circumstances that the garage could be exposed to, the vehicles/items housed in the garage, etc.

Let’s look at the two common steel gauge framing options that you are likely to find, 12-gauge steel framing and 14-gauge steel framing. As we discussed earlier, 12-gauge steel framing is going to be stronger than the 14-gauge framing. The 12-gauge framing has a diameter measurement of 2 ¼” x 2 ¼”. Its greater tensile strength facilitates greater wind load and snow load ratings. This type of framing is recommended for building structures with a height of 10’ or more, as well as for areas that receive strong winds and heavy snow. In some cases certain state or local municipalities may also require the use of a 12-gauge framing.

On the other hand, there is the 14-gauge framing with a diameter measurement of 2 ½” x 2 ½”. It is the most widely accepted gauge for metal structures and carports, and is also the industry standard when it comes to frame thickness. 12-gauge framing is better suited and capable of offering more value if the weather conditions in your area can get considerably extreme. If that’s not the case for you, then going with 14-gauge framing could be a better and more economical decision.

Both options, 12-gauge steel framing and 14-gauge steel framing, by Millennium Buildings can be certified. You will get extended warranty on 12-gauge steel framing option.

Ultimately, the selection of your metal garage framing should be done on the basis of your specific requirements and building instructions issued by your local municipalities. For any help in the matter, you can always contact our customer services team.

Certification Considerations

What does certified mean for a building? A building that is certified indicates that a professional engineer has designed the building, and has also certified the building to adhere to local building requirements. It means that the building has been constructed as per applicable building code specifications and that it has ratings for snow and wind load. In some areas certifications for buildings may be an important requirement, while in some it may not be so.

The reason why certifications matter for certain areas could be because of the adverse weather conditions that are prevalent there. In such case, a certification would ensure that the building has the right structural integrity to safely withstand those conditions. Before beginning the installation of your metal garage, it’s important that you confirm with your local building department whether the garage would need a particular certification or not. In case certification is needed, you’ll have to show a copy of the building blueprints to the engineer for review and approval purpose. To learn more about this, please contact our customer services team.

Millennium Buildings can provide construction and installation of metal garages and metal buildings as per the certification criteria that you need to satisfy.

Additional Options

It’s always a good idea to add in a few little extra things to your metal garage so that it’s customized to your way of living and for the situations that you’re most likely to face in your area. Here are some key ways in which Millennium Buildings can help you customize your garage. For more information on any of these or some other customization that you have in mind, please contact our customer services team.

Walk-In Doors – Walk-in doors are a great convenience and perfect for a quick entry or exit. Whenever you need to quickly access your stored goods or vehicles in the garage, a walk-in door would come in pretty handy at the time. You can have walk-in door with or without a diamond shaped window. If you are in the process of converting your carport into a garage by enclosing it, now would be a great time to install the walk-in door.

Windows – Windows are important for fresh air and natural daylight to rejuvenate your garage every day. You can install windows on any section of the garage as you like. Talk to our customer services team to discuss the window size that can be installed in your garage.

Insulation – Insulating your metal garage can offer a host of benefits for the owner. You’d certainly appreciate the warm, cozy feel of the garage in the cold winters, especially if you intend to use the garage as a work space. More importantly, insulation becomes necessary if you plan to keep temperature sensitive vehicles and classic cars in the garage. We can integrate insulation from heat as well as cold in your metal garage structure through a bubble installation. Provided insulation would meet the standard measurement of thermal resistance that’s typically used in construction and buildings. This insulation is enough to prevent condensation and trap maximum heat within the metal garage building.

Bows Or Trusses – What can additional bows or trusses do for your metal building? Well, for starters, they can render it some extra strength. These structural supports can be fitted into your garage in two ways, inside the roof for more stability and strength, and along the sides for better stabilization and support. If extreme weather conditions in your area are something that keep you worrying, then strengthening your garage structure even further with the addition of bows or trusses can relieve at least some of the worry. For your information, garages up to 24’ width can use a bow, and garages wider than 24’ need a truss.

Garage Panels – Additional panels serve are essential in enclosing and converting already existing structures such as a carport into a garage, giving the structure a new appeal and adding to its value. Robust and reliable in quality, panels offer an economical way to boost your building structure and eventually build up a final product that you love. To know about the width of the panels we offer and related details, please reach out to our team.

Anchors – Anchors are what’s going to keep your garage strongly and steadily grounded when the heavy rains and winds would push forcefully against it. Think carefully about the anchoring system that’s right for your garage installation type.


we offer 16 colors to customize your Garage

Call our customer service representatives to see what colors are available in your area. You can customize the color of the roof, sides, and trim of your structure. Click on the colors for a closer look!

King Blue
E Green
P Gray
Q Gray
E Brown
Cardinal Red
S Blue
B Red
Vintage Burgundy
True Burgunday

Installation and Site Prep for Workshops

Leveling the Installation Site

The area where the garage has to be installed must be level. For the installation of a structure, this leveling must be done to within 3” front to back and side to side. The leveling of the site is something that must be completed before the installation crew arrives on site. The crew arriving for garage installation will not be able to do their work if the area is not leveled out for them.

Concrete Pads

Except in the state of Florida, for all other states the dimensions of the concrete pad and the building frame should be exactly the same. In Florida, the width of the concrete pad should be 3/4″ more than that of the building frame, but its length should be exactly same as the length of the building frame. A building that measures as 50’Wx61’L and has a base frame measuring 50’Wx60’L, the concrete pad for this building should measure as 50′-3/4″Wx60’L. Additionally, the concrete pad should be square, where dimensions from one corner to another, across the diagonals is the same. The building and zoning departments of different cities and counties outline different requirements for their structure’s footer. You should consult with the relevant departments for your area to learn about the requirements necessary for you.

Delivery and Installation Process

We can work together to fix a suitable date and time for metal garage installation at your site. Before our crew arrives, you will need to ensure a few things such as clearing out any debris as well as leveling the site. The leveled area is crucial to enable our installation crew to begin the work. On the scheduled date and time, our crew will reach your installation site ready with all the required equipment for the construction job. If you have to get your garage building certified, then kindly inform us beforehand so that we can provide you with the building blueprints before the installation work begins.

Site Prep Checklist

The three most important things that should be on your checklist for site preparation:

  • Installation site is free of debris.
  • Leveling the installation site. As mentioned earlier, if the building is to be certified leveling must be done to within 3” front to back and side to side. If you don’t level the area in advance, the installation crew may offer to do so for an additional charge or structure will be returned at a later date with a restocking fee.
  • Keeping the installation site easily accessible for the crew, meaning the distance between the the team’s truck and the site shouldn’t be too big.

Garage FAQ’s

What should I do to prepare for the garage installation?

The most important thing that you would need to take care of is getting the surface and the foundation for the garage structure ready. You want the surface to be flat and within easy access. You also want the foundation to be leveled within 3” from front to back and side to side.. The area should be made free of all vegetation or debris.

In what ways can I personalize my metal garage?

Millennium Buildings gives you the opportunity to customize practically every aspect of your metal garage. Whether it’s the roof, size, custom doors, windows, or color, there are many elements that you can personalize in your Millennium Buildings garage. Please note that garage color options available vary area wise, so you will need to ask our customer services team to find out the colors that are available for your particular area. Rest assured, you’ll be able to build a highly customized metal garage in an easy and budget-friendly way.

What about upgrading the garage with new features post installation?

It’s certainly feasible for you to integrate new, additional features to your structure after it has been installed. It is a good idea to think a little ahead and anticipate what features you could want in the future, at the time of structure purchase itself. This would help in determining the feasibility and additional cost of the feature addition right away. For additions like a garage door, it’s important for the structure to have enough height to accommodate a door installation in the future, so do inform our team in advance if you’d like to install a garage door at some point later on.

We will only add and install our own products. The return trip for making the additions will incur a service charge. For more information and tips on making enhancements to your garage after installation, please contact our customer service team.

What color options do I have for my custom metal garage?

Different regions have different color options available for them. You need to speak with our team to learn about the options that are available for your region. You can customize color for your garage sides, doors, and roof. All doors and windows feature an elegant white trim. Contact our customer service team for more help in selecting the right color scheme for your garage.

Can you help me if I want to add my own custom window or door to the custom garage?

Although we do not install custom windows and doors that are supplied by the customers, we can still help you with the installation process by framing out openings for the garage doors, walk-in doors, or windows that you already have and want to install in your garage. Of course you’ll need to inform us in advance about your plans for installing any windows or walk-in doors, so that we can build the metal garage according to the width and height needed. You can consult with our team to get more clarity on how your metal garage should be structured to fit in your custom additions of doors and windows.

What are the benefits of adding insulation to my metal garage?

There are a couple of notable benefits of insulating your garage. It is like adding a layer of extra protection for your stored vehicles and items against various elements, whether it’s the cold weather or condensation inside the garage. Insulation is a good addition to your metal garage and worth the investment in the long run.

How can I construct my metal garage in stages and save money in the process?

If you don’t need a fully constructed metal garage right away, then building up the structure in stages can be the economical route for you. You can start by installing a customized metal carport. Over time you can add doors, panels, and other elements to the carport as per your needs to turn it into a full garage. If you want to follow this path, from a carport to a garage, you can let our team know so that they can plan the sizing of the structure keeping in mind the future additions of doors and panels. Future installations of side panels, garage doors, walk-in doors, etc. will be done at additional charges. We can also provide help in converting your existing garage into a storage building by enclosing and insulating the metal structure. You can call us to discuss more thoroughly how you can approach your metal garage construction step-wise and thus enjoy savings on cost.

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