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What to consider When Buying a Metal Workshop

Decide on the Workshop Size

How big or small you want your workshop to be is one of the primary decisions that you’ll need to make. You could need the workshop for pet projects or to run a home-based business. Millennium Buildings is capable of building workshops of any size that you could require for your tools and projects. Talk to our customer service team about your goals for the workshop and they’ll suggest a size that would best meet those goals.

Check the Location and Space Available

Installing a metal workshop naturally requires a considerable amount of space on your property, so be sure that there’s sufficient room for the unit. Also check with your county to obtain any special permits for constructing a metal workshop on your property. Millennium Buildings will help you every step along the way of installing your metal workshop as per the applicable regulations.

Evaluate the Workshop for Local Weather Resistance

Your metal workshop, which is going to become a work haven for you once you start using it, should have a sustainable value even in the face of inclement weather. At Millennium Buildings you have a wide variety of workshops to choose from, so you can easily find a style that has the natural potential to with stand your local weather conditions. We are dedicated to giving the highest quality standards of construction and installation, hence ensuring further satisfaction for your custom workshop. If you’re interested in learning about our most popular offerings in your particular area, give us a call.

Check Your Personal Needs for Customization

Millennium Buildings lets you customize your metal workshop in many ways. You can make any tweaks big or small that you need to personalize your workshop. Our metal workshops are available in all sizes. You can start by selecting the size that works for you. Further, you can request to make custom changes in workshop’s roof, walls, doors, etc. You can even request installation of garage doors in your workshop for greater convenience. A discussion with our customer service team would help you understand the different workshop styles that we offer and how you can customize them to fit not just your needs but also your budget.

Roof Style

Your metal workshop would be incomplete without a sturdy roof. We’re going to look at the three key roof styles that you can choose from. While you can get a certification of structural integrity for all of these styles, the best choice among these three would ultimately depend on your own custom needs. You should select a roof style keeping in mind your needs and the climatic conditions in your area. If you feel confused about which of these three roof styles is ideal for you, contact our team for more guidance.


Boxed Eave


Choosing the Right Size for your needs

Start by thinking of all the potential uses you have in mind for your workshop. The lengths that are generally available for metal workshops are 21’, 26’, 31’, and further in increase of 5’. If you want something other than these industry standard lengths, a customized length workshop, Millennium Buildings can offer you the same. In fact, all our metal workshops are customizable for length. An important thing for you to note here is that the roof of any building will be longer than its base because of the slight overhang on the roof’s ends.
As with the length, conduct an analysis of your needs and uses related to the workshop to get an idea about the width that will be required. Your workshop is your place to pursue an interest or to get some serious work done. There could be some equipment related to this purpose that would have a demand for storage within the workshop. Please take into account the measurements of all the equipment that are to be placed inside the workshop. Be clear about your equipment storage and placement requirements when you’re discussing workshop installation with our team, so that you are able to set up your workshop and related equipment properly. Kindly get in touch with us to figure out the ideal width for your custom metal workshop.
Deciding the right side height for your metal workshop is crucial to ensure that the workshop is tall enough for your needs. If you think you might want a garage door in your workshop at anytime in the future, it would be best to account for the requisite height for this at the time of workshop installation itself. The standard height that we provide for metal buildings begins at 6′. This number can increase as per your custom height requirements.

Steel Gauge Framing

Deciding the steel gauge framing for your workshop will have a direct impact on the overall strength of your workshop’s structure. So whether you go with a 14-gauge steel framing or 12-gauge steel framing, know that ultimately you are deciding how strong you want your steel workshop to be. Your decision would majorly depend on how extreme weather conditions in your area can get, because you naturally want a stronger steel when you know the conditions can get pretty rough.

The 14-gauge steel tubing is 2 ½” x 2 ½”. On the other hand, the 12-gauge steel is 2 ¼ ” x 2 ¼”. As evident, 12-gauge steel is thicker, and thus stronger, more enduring, and with a higher wind and snow bearing capacity, than 14-gauge steel. If extreme climate isn’t an issue where you live, then you can go with the industry standard 14-gauge steel framing. But if heavy rains, winds, or snow is an issue for your region, or if you plan to build your workshop 10′ or taller, then 12-gauge steel framing is your best bet. Both 14-gauge steel and 12-gauge steel are structurally safe and sound for use. In fact, both of these options by Millennium Buildings are capable of clearing any certification requirements. It’s only that certain areas need a greater assurance of safety than others because of their severe climate nature.

Certification Considerations

Certification requirements for a building construction may vary from one county to another. In some places, inspection and certification is required for any new building that’s to be constructed. In some places, certification is required only for those buildings that will have people working or living inside. The basic idea behind getting buildings inspected and certified by professional engineers is simple. To confirm that the building is a safe and robust structure, it has the right snow and wind bearing capacity. Its construction has been carried out as per specifications, and it satisfies the local building mandates. Remember that certified buildings don’t come with extra warranty.

It’s best to consult with your local law authorities if there’s a need for you to acquire special certifications for your custom metal workshop so that you can complete all the required specifications on time. Getting your workshop certified will most likely require you to submit a copy of the workshop’s blueprints to the engineers for evaluation. Kindly get in touch with our customer services team to know more about this process. Millennium Buildings will help you in the installation of your metal workshop in accordance with the applicable certification requirements. Two important things that you should take care of prior to the workshop installation during base preparation; one, proper leveling of the ground, and two, the poured asphalt or concrete slab has sufficient dimensions to offer sturdy support for the workshop’s entire structure.

Additional Options

Building a custom metal workshop means lots of choices for the customer, that’s you! You can build up your workshop exactly as you have imagined it. Here are some great custom options that Millennium Buildings offers for you to include in your workshop. Explore to see what would fit perfectly into your dream workshop.

Windows – As you are likely to spend hours away working inside your workshop, it’d be nice to have a window or two to allow fresh air and natural light to flow in and brighten up the space. Millennium Buildings can install windows in any section of your workshop. In addition to our standard window size, we offer other window sizes as well depending on the location. To learn about our standard window size and the window sizes that are offered in your location, contact our customer service team.

Garage Door – Depending on what your needs are having a garage door in your workshop may come in handy for you, for example to move your projects or equipment in and out of the workshop. There are some factors that you should contemplate upon as you think about installing a garage door in your workshop. These include whether electricity will be available in your workshop, does your planned workshop have enough height to accommodate a garage door, would you be interested in installing a garage door at any point in future if not now, etc.

We can install a garage door in the front, end, or even the side of your metal workshop. You will have many garage door options to choose from. All you have to do is speak to our team to see what’s available for your location.

Walk-In Doors – You can have both, a walk-in door as well as a garage door, installed in your metal workshop for the ultimate convenience in accessing and managing your workshop tools and projects. You can order a walk-in door with or without a window. Featuring a stunning white finish, our walk-in doors will certainly enhance the appearance and practical use of your workshop.

Enclosing of Sides and Ends – Workshops that are 12 to 30′ wide feature a standard horizontal siding, vertical or lap siding can be added to these as an extra upgrade. Workshops with width more than 30′ have standard vertical sides and ends closed, with the starting standard side height as 8′. Contact us to discuss more about the enclosing options for your workshop.

Anchors – Anchors are quite the integral components of the structure of your workshop as they play an important role in keeping the structure firmly grounded against all the weather adversities. The kind of anchors that are right for your workshop would depend on the kind of installation that you’re getting. We’d be happy to assist you in making the right selection.

Lean-To’s – Additional bows and trusses will help in increasing the strength of your workshop. When implemented inside the roof, they can bring more stability and strength to the structure. When implemented on the sides, they can render enhanced stabilization and support for the structure. These structural supports are excellent to make your workshop sturdier against the extreme weather conditions. If your metal workshop has a width up to 24′, you can add a bow to it. If your metal workshop has a width greater than 24′, you can add a truss to it. We offer you extensive varieties so that you have the best kind of reinforcement for your workshop.


we offer 16 colors to customize your Workshop

Call our customer service representatives to see what colors are available in your area. You can customize the color of the roof, sides, and trim of your structure. Click on the colors for a closer look!

King Blue
E Green
P Gray
Q Gray
E Brown
Cardinal Red
S Blue
B Red
Vintage Burgundy
True Burgunday

Installation and Site Prep for Workshops

Leveling the Installation Site

The ground area where you want to install your metal workshop must be leveled. If you want to build
a certified workshop, then the area should be leveled to within 3 inches front to back and side to side.
Our installation team arriving at the site would be unable to proceed if the area isn’t leveled out already. Meaning there could be an unnecessary delay for your workshop installation and possibly a restocking fee.

Concrete Pads

For all states other than Florida, the dimensions of the concrete pad and of the building frame must be exactly the same. In Florida state, the width of the concrete pad has to be 3/4” greater than the width of the building frame, whereas the length of the concrete pad and the building frame remain the same. Another important requirement for a concrete pad is that its shape should be square, with the dimension across corners, across each diagonal, as same. The requirements for concrete pads varies from region to region depending upon the climate and other conditions prevalent in the region. So you need to check in with your respective zoning and building departments for more details on these requirements.

Delivery and Installation Process

Together, we’ll fix a date and time for your custom metal workshop delivery and installation. This should give you enough time to clean and level the installation site properly. Our team will come on the scheduled date and time with all the required equipment for installation of the workshop on the designated site. They will do everything, from drilling down the anchors to building the structure. If there is a certification need for your workshop, you should inform us well ahead of time so that we can plan the workshop installation accordingly and facilitate you the blueprints too.

Site Prep Checklist

Keep this checklist handy when you’re preparing your workshop site for installation:

  • Clearing the site of debris and material.
  • Leveling the site, to within 3 inches front to back and side to side if the building is to be certified. If you don’t level and prepare the site when we arrive for installation, our team may offer to try and level the site for you at some extra cost.
  • Keeping the site easily reachable and accessible for the installation team. If our team is unable to access the installation site easily because of huge distance between the site and the truck, this would mean extra time for finishing the installation work and would incur extra service charges.

Workshop FAQ’s

What are the different ways in which I can customize my workshop?
Millennium Buildings offers you an abundance of customization options for your metal workshop to ensure that the final version lives up to your expectations. When designing your ideal metal workshop, you can decide what size, style, color, and roof you want for your workshop. Our customer services team will let you know what colors are available for you to choose from, as color availability will vary from location to location. You can complete the look of your workshop with some custom added windows and doors.
What color choices do I have for my metal workshop?
Because we collaborate with local manufacturers to build your metal workshop, the color availability will depend on the manufacturer. Different regions will have different color options to choose from. The colors that are available in one location may be different than the colors that are available in another location. You can speak to our customer services team to know about the color options available for your location.
Can I customize the workshop after its installation?
Sure, you can keep making any custom changes you deem fit to your workshop, even after it has already been installed. So if you just want a basic workshop structure for now and eventually upgrade the structure with some windows, walk-in doors or a garage door in the future, we can certainly make that possible for you. Just let us know what custom addition you want and what your budget is, and we’ll recommend you the right product. Because our team will need to make additional trip to add the product to your workshop, you’ll be charged for the product’s price as well as for the additional site visit.

Do give a little bit of thought to what upgrades you could want for your workshop in the future and inform our team about the same prior to the installation. This will allow us to plan the workshop’s structure taking into consideration your future requirements. For example, we would need to make the workshop tall enough now in order to enable the addition of a garage door in the future. Our customer services team is always available to help you understand the various customization options you can leverage after the workshop has been installed and how you can keep these custom changes budget-friendly.

Can I add insulation to my metal workshop?
Yes you can, and we can help you with it. Adding insulation to your metal workshop is definitely a nice idea, since insulation can protect the items and projects in your workshop against the cold weather as well as effects like condensation or sweating. With our bubble installation in the workshop, the structure will be insulated from heat and cold. Our provided insulation has an R-value of 4.3, and thus matches the thermal resistance standard that’s applicable for construction and buildings. With an insulation of this R-value, you wouldn’t have to worry about condensation or major heat loss.
Can you help me in including electricity and water in my metal workshop?
You may have a need for electricity or running water in your workshop for various purposes. Please note that Millennium Buildings does not offer any plumbing or electricity related services at the time of installing your workshop. You would need to discuss these matters with your respective service providers ahead of time, that is, before the workshop installation. If you want to lay down asphalt or concrete slab in your workshop, then you’ll need to properly install the water pipes before the slabs are placed. You’ll also have to take care of any other essential plumbing work that could be needed for installing a bathroom in the workshop. You should discuss about this with your plumbing service provider when you’re planning the workshop design. In addition to the plumbing, you may also want exterior or interior lighting for the workshop, depending upon how much light you think you would need. Consult an electrician to plan this right.

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