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Coast to Coast Carports

Authorized & Experienced Dealer for Coast to Coast Carports

Premium-Grade, Affordable, & Dynamic Metal Buildings

Millennium Buildings is a proud authorized dealer of Coast to Coast Carport metal buildings. Coast to Coast has decades of combined experience delivering these high-quality structures to satisfied customers across the country. We’d be honored to help you next!


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Who is Coast to Coast?

Coast to Coast is a premier manufacturer of prefabricated metal buildings serving clients from coast to coast. They offer personalized, premium-quality steel structures where every detail is customized to meet the specific demand and application needs of each client. They have been serving residential and commercial clients for decades. The Coast to Coast team has developed a reputation for high-end quality.

Dynamic, High-Quality Metal Structures

Coast to Coast isn’t just known for premium-grade carports. They provide all kinds of personalized metal structures including garages, agricultural buildings, and even custom buildings. Whatever kind of metal building you want, you can rest assured that Coast to Coast offers it.

Why Choose Coast to Coast Carports?

If you’ve been on the look out for a premium provider of carports and other steel metal buildings, you’ve found it! Coast to Coast Carports has earned a strong reputation as an industry-leading provider of top-of-the-line metal buildings. Here’s why thousands of customers across the country both in the residential and commercial sector trust Coast to Coast Carports:

Top-Quality Materials

Coast to Coast Carports proves their adherence to quality and perfection by sticking with premium-grade materials for everything they do. From the world-class metalworking and the top-level joining materials to the dynamic building accessories, every component of a Coast to Coast metal building is impeccable. This is why so many people swear by the quality this leading manufacturer provides in its buildings.

Custom Buildings

Everyone has unique needs, demands, and preferences when it comes to their metal structures which is why Coast to Coast offers fully customized buildings. Whether you’re in the market for a carport, barn, garage, or a custom building, the team at Coast to Coast will personalize the dimensions, colors, and styles down to your unique specifications. This way, you can rest assured it perfectly fits your application while maintaining the quality and durability for which the brand has become known for.

20-Year Guarantee

All of Coast to Coast’s 12-gauge steel metal structures, which is one of the brand’s most popular options, come with a no-questions-asked 20-year rust-through warranty. Now, you can have a peace of mind of knowing your investment is backed by two decades of guarantee. CTC is confident in the product’s quality and durability guarantee! Any issues will be handled cost-free by the Coast to Coast team.

Price Range

Coast to Coast is breaking with the expectation that quality and expense have to go hand-in-hand. By focusing on premium quality and affordability, Coast to Coast offers a wide range of price options so everyone can find a metal building that meets their application demands and budgets. Various sizes, structure types, and other personalized options make it possible to find a price point that fits within your budget without sacrificing any quality or functionality.


we offer 16 colors to customize your Workshop

Call our customer service representatives to see what colors are available in your area. You can customize the color of the roof, sides, and trim of your structure. Click on the colors for a closer look!

Slat Blue
Pebble Beige
Pewter Gray
Earth Brown
Barn Red

Where Coast to Coast Operates

Coast to Coast isn’t just a brand name. It’s a dedication to high-quality service to every state in the continental United States. That’s right! Coast to Coast Carports truly offers world-class steel metal buildings from one coast to the other. No matter where you’re located, you can get your hands on a fully customized, premium-grade, and long-lasting Coast to Coast Building. As an authorized dealer, the team at Millennium Buildings can help speed up the process so you can get your building quickly and hassle-free.

Take Advantage of These Generous Financing Options

Looking for generous financing options? The Coast to Coast Carport team has you covered! They offer a competitive financing program and an unbeatable rent-to-own option for qualified buyers designed to help everyone afford their world-class steel buildings. Here are the main features of the programs:

Financing Program & Rent-to-Own (RTO) Program

Home Improvement Loans
Once we’ve received your information through our 60-Second Loan Application, you will be notified of possible loan options within 24 business hours. You’ll receive a call, text and/or email within 24 hours or less, and usually in 1-2 hours of application, to discuss and review your loan
No Impact on Credit to Apply
Fixed rates as low as 2.99%
Terms up to 20 years
Loans up to $500,000
No Equity / No Appraisal
Get Started
Rent-to-own provides you with a flexible option for purchase with little money down and affordable monthly payments up to 60 months billed yearly
Marketing strategy
Competitive analysis
No credit check for under $12,000
No early pay-off penalty
Must be a home owner
Available to Renters (with approval of owner)
Apply by phone or online
Application never expires
Get Started
Starting at zero down with fixed payments and fixed APR. Instant approval status with the lowest total cost of ownership billed yearly
Interest starts at 7.99
6 months payment with no interest
Fixed rate based on custom credit score
No early pay-off penalty
Ownership in 36 Months or Less
Flexible Payment Options
No Credit Check Required
Get Started
Pay over time for the things you need. There's no credit check and no penalty for early buyout or cancellation. This is your most flexible path to ownership billed yearly
Property owner or the listed property owner co-sign is required
Never a Credit Check - On ANY amounts
No Proof of Income required
No Driver’s License Required
All Landowners approved up to $20,000
Discounted Early Payoff
Get Started

At Millennium Buildings, we’re not just an authorized dealer of Coast to Coast Carports, but we can also handle the financing side of the deal. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, we’ll get in touch with Coast to Coast to see if you’re eligible. The process is quick and pain-free.

Schedule Your Coast to Coast Carport Today!

No matter what kind of metal structure you need, the Coast to Coast team has you covered. At Millennium Buildings, we can help speed along the process of delivery and installation so you can put your new metal building to work right away. Contact us today to learn more about how the process works. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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