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At Millennium Buildings, we are the leading provider of the high quality outdoor structures and metal carports you can find. We offer affordable prices, financing as well as rent-to-own options to allow homeowners get the additional space they need. We have been the go-to expert for most of our customers because we help them protect their properties from being damaged due to severe weather conditions. For the protection of your RV, auto, boat, farm equipment, recreational vehicles, and many more, we have available various amazing products for you.

Millennium Buildings can help you create a custom-made unit to meet your unique need by using the width, style, height, length, certification, adding gables, colors and side panels that you want. Other options such as garage doors, windows and walk in door can also be introduced.

We use the highest quality of galvanized steel and sheet metal in the market today. These are the various carport options:

Single car carport: ordinarily, these units begins at 12 wide, 21 long and 6 side height, they are fashioned to house recreational and farm equipment. Primarily the carports provide you with enough covered space so you can use them for other assets.

Two Car Carport: This is for the protection of two cars, either full size or oversized vehicles, oversized farm equipment, boats and RV’s. These units typically measure from 18’ wide to 24 wide. For as long as you may need them, these units are without question available. These double carports provide the best coverage for all your investment and at the same time saving you unnecessary costs.

Partially Enclosed Metal carports: Partially Enclosing Metal Carports helps you by reinforcing the structure, it provides extra shield from our weather elements. Of course metal carports of any size can be partially enclosed, this can be achieved by including one or two gables ends, additional side panels, size and end walls.

Utility Carports: Here, there is the combination of both storage and shelter space, into one unit. This allows home owners to make the most use of their space. By enclosing the unit in 5’s increments to create the kind of storage space that is required, any unit can be converted into a utility carport.

Metal Carport Roof Styles

There are 3 different roof styles of Metal carports. They include:

Regular Roof Metal Carport: Regular roof are economical, affordable and durable because they feature a roofing style showing rounded corners and horizontal sheet metal. Regular roof units are available in the range of 12’ Wide to 30’ Wide, up to 36’ Long and up to 20’ Tall. Units over 36’s long are connected from one end to another. We warn that leaks may occur at the seams.

Boxed Eave Roof Metal Carport:  Upgrading to boxed eave is very stylish and affordable, as boxed Eave roof style unit have an A-frame roof line and horizontal metal. These type of units are available from 12’ wide to 30’ wide, up to 36’ long and up to 20’ tall. Units that are more than 36’s long are connected from one end to another. Please be warned that leaks may occur at the seams.

Vertical Roof Metal Carport: Vertical units provide you with maximum protection, they are the highest quality units available. Vertical roof style also have an A-frame roof line and vertical sheet metal. We have them available from 12’ wide to 60’ wide, up to 20′ tall and for as long as you need them. We can also add Lean to create wider units for you.

Are you looking to protect your investment? You look no further, we have got your back!

Millennium Buildings makes available the highest quality product in the market today, this is by reason of our partnership with Caroline Carports Inc. In designing your metal structure, we have experts waiting to help you today. Please call 866-216-8499 or send us an email at today!