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The best RV Carports to protect your investment!

When you are buying an RV, it is surely a long-term investment. We are fully confident that our RV Carports will help protect your second home for years to come.

Millennium Buildings, offers a broad range of long-lasting RV covers from 12’ Wide to 60’ Wide, free span. These units are all available for as long as you need, and up to 20’ Tall.

RV Carports
Protect your rig with an RV Carport from Mother Nature

Metal RV Cover Are The Best Choice

Durability: There is a 20 year Rust through Warranty on our galvanized steel framing, plus it is the highest quality building in today’s market. We have upgrades that are available to 12 gauge framing with wind load ratings of 180MPH and snow load ratings of 65PSF.

Economical: our metal buildings are more pocket friendly and cost effective than any kind of stick built structure you can find.

Eco-Friendly: metal building require low maintenance, the unit can be cleaned by washing it with mild soap and water. When compared to wood products, metal building are more beneficial, since they are free from rust, rot, mold, termites and insects.

Metal RV Cover Size Selection

It is important that when you are selecting a metal RV cover, you first know the measurement of your motorhome.

For Class A Motorhomes: The average measurement of these RVs is 36’-41’ length and 8’-10’ width.

For Class B Motorhomes: The average measurement of these RVs is 16’-23’ length and 6.5’-8’ width.

For Class C Motorhomes: The average measurement of these RVs is 20’-32’ length and 8’-10’ width.

For Conventional Trailers: The average measurement of these RVs is 14’-36’ length and 6’-8’ width.

For Fifth Wheel Trailers: The average measurement of these RVs is 21’-40’ length and 8’-10’ width.

For Pop-up Tent Trailers: The average measurement of these RVs is 15’-26’ length and 6’-8’ width.

For Utility Trailers: The average measurement of these RVs is 21’-23’ length and 8’-10’ width.

For Truck Campers: The average measurement of these RVs is 8’-18’ length and 6’-8’ width.

*All of these mentioned above are average measurement.

Metal RV Cover Roof Styles

Our metal carports come in 3 different roof styles, they are namely:

Regular Roof RV Cover: Our regular roof style are cost effective, affordable and lasts-long, our regular roof style have rounded corners and horizontal sheet metal too. Also our regular roof units are available from 12’ wide to 30’wide, they can also be up to 36’ long and 20’ Tall. Our units over 36’ long are joined from one end to another end, we warn that leaks may happen at the seams.

Boxed Eave Roof RV Cover: Upgrading to boxed Eave is very stylish and affordable, each of the units have an A-frame roof line with a horizontal sheet. From 12’ Wide to 30 Wide, from up to 20’ Tall, these units are all available. For our units over 36’ long, they are connected throughout, we warn that leaks are likely to occur at the seams.

Vertical Roof RV Cover: Vertical Roof style come in an A-frame roofline and vertical sheet metal, they give you maximum protection, plus they are the highest quality of units available. They are available for however long as you need them, from 12’ wide to 60’ wide, and can be 20’ tall. To create wider units we can add Lean too’s.

Do you want to protect your investment? Don’t look any further, we have got your back!

With Millennium Buildings partnership with Carolina Carports Inc., we offer the highest quality product you will find in the market today. Our experts are waiting to help you in designing your metal structure. Do not hesitate to call us now on 866-216-8499 or send us an email at info@millenniumbuildings.com today!

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