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Installing a Metal Building first requires a design. A design that suits the preferences of the client and makes them aware of how their building will appear after being built.

One of the best ways to get precise results and customization with the least effort is with the usage of our latest 3D Visualizer. Not only it helps the client to design their dream building with a visualized picture but also assists in getting an approximate estimate of the structure.

How 3D visualizer works?

3D Visualizer by Millennium Buildings, is a software that allows the creation of a detailed image of the building before starting the construction process. The online building design tool will offer you a 3D tour of your building virtually.

With the help of our 3D tool, design and get a ‘virtual’ glimpse of your metal building. While designing, you can choose and create the size of the metal building as per your suitability, windows and doors placement, additional attachments, colors, and many more.

Once you have finished finalizing your design, you can submit your idea or the design to our website@, and we will quote you the estimates. Our team of manufacturers and engineers will help you execute and construct the building according to your vision.

How our 3D Visualizer will benefit you?

A map or design built on paper, with lines and minute details requires a person to put in the effort through imagination. However, a three-dimensional design surely overpowers any 2D design, offering more space to recreate and customize as per the client’s preferences.

Through Millennium Buildings’s 3D Visualizer, you can design how you want your metal building to look and experience the visuals of its top view, front view as well as a side view. In addition, it offers a more clear and more concise visual idea of the finished building.

This tool helps decide how the structures will appear, or where the utilities will be put. It assists in analyzing the final draft, reduces extra costs, and helps in detecting areas of conflict that may arise later on.

Overall, 3D visualizers are architectural illustrations that create realistic three-dimensional animations or images. They will help in identifying flaws in the design, which might have gotten overlooked in traditional 2D techniques.


If you are willing to get a metal building installed by Millennium Buildings, maybe in your backyard, or as your residential complex, and have a clear design in your mind, you are at the right place. With the help of our 3D visualizer tool, you can create and customize a design and let us know. We will quote you without any obligation, free of cost.

Summing up, Millennium Building’s design tool is highly beneficial to create metal buildings the way our clients imagined them to be. It allows better exchange of ideas and creates results with greater proficiency. Through our tool, design your building, place the windows or doors wherever you want, and choose the colors of your own choice.


Design Your Dream Building!

Imagine your ideal event space brought to life through a steel building construction project

Design IT

Imagine your ideal event space brought to life through a steel building construction project