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Who doesn’t love their car, either newly bought or on the road for years? Everybody wants to keep their vehicles in a safe spot. While analyzing the ways to keep your vehicle safe and sheltered, you may come across many Do’s and Don’ts, such as not parking your car under a tree or washing it once in a while to keep it clean and free of debris that could affect its longevity.

You have a garage but it doesn’t have enough space, or you may not have a garage or you would like to keep your vehicle in a spot where it is easily accessible and out in the open. In such cases, many people opt for Metal Carports, an economical option. But what exactly is Metal Carport?

Millennium Buildings is here to guide you on every aspect of Metal Carports, so keep scrolling and learning.

What is Metal Carport?

Metal Carport, as the term suggests, is made of aluminum or steel. They are designed in a way which offers shelter, with or without sides, per the customers request. Hence, a buyer could customize its Metal Carport style, size, gables (triangular upper part) and enclosed or open sides.

Our Metal Carports are the best alternative to garages and could be easily installed in tighter spaces. One of the best advantages of keeping your vehicle underneath a Metal Carport is that it will protect from sunlight and extreme weather conditions.

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Why is a Metal Carport so important?

A Metal Carport is the perfect pick to park your vehicle and provide storage. But how? The way you invest in security devices such as steering wheel locks or tire locks to keep your vehicle safe from any theft. Similarly, it is significant to invest in sheltering your vehicle in order to prevent them from damage in the long run.

With time, wind, dust, sunlight, and other natural elements it will wear and tear on your vehicle. For example, keeping your vehicle out in the open or under the sunlight continuously, can lead to a rise in the temperature of its interiors. Eventually this may cause damage to the dashboard, leather, and many other aspects of your vehicle.

In situations of an unexpected storm, your vehicle will be exposed to debris, falling trees, scratches, dents, etc. In severe cases, you may end up witnessing your car in complete havoc, and maybe a broken windshield that would cost a fortune for some.

How to choose the best Metal Carport?

Now that you’ve analyzed what could go wrong with not having a proper set-up for your vehicle and wondering about investing in a budget-friendly Metal Carport, Millennium Buildings have curated the perfect carport below:

  • If you’re looking for a Metal Carport that could accommodate two cars, a 20х20 (400 square feet) will be the best.
  • To shelter your RV, tractor or large vehicles, A Barn Style Carport should be considered while buying. They are commonly used in agricultural or farm sites.
  • Lean Tos, also known as attached carports, rely on / stay attached to another structure, such as your property. Suppose you have ample space and a side entrance to your house; you can cover that space by installing a carport and protecting your vehicle.
  • Large carports are suitable if you’re looking for carports customized as per your needs, such as dimensions that are more than the traditional carports.

Millennium Buildings Metal Carports will be the best option if you do not wish to spend a hefty amount on building an enclosed garage. You can find a suitable carport between $2000 and $5000, depending on your style or size. In a few hours, your carport will get installed and act as a good investment adding more value to your property.

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