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Buying and owning a metal carport might be difficult if you’re short on the required capital. One-time capital investment can probably put a lot of financial pressure on the buyers’ pockets, making them reconsider their purchase. Hence, to make our metal building installation and construction service accessible to all, we have come up with Flexible Payment Plans for you.

What do we have to offer through our Flexible Payment Plans?

You chose a Metal carport, went through the entire designing and customization process, and finalized everything. However, the price has gone beyond your budget. In this case, you can now relish our EMI options and Rent-to-Own plans to make the hassle worth it.

Many of you might be aware of the EMI process. EMIs are a great option that allows buyers to pay for the product or service in installments over a fixed period instead of paying the billed amount in one go. EMI which is Equated Monthly Installments is a substitute for the conventional paying method, and comes as No cost EMI or EMI with a fixated rate of Interest. Through this method, you can buy expensive items without creating a hole in your pockets.

Do not worry if the prices of our Metal Carport seem overwhelming to you. Our EMI option has now made payment affordable and efficient. Reach out to us to get a detailed price break up on EMI payments. Apart from this, you can also try out the Rent-To-Own scheme.Flexible Payment Plans

What is a Rent-to-Own scheme?

Rent-to-Own, as the term suggests is renting a product or service and eventually making progress to own it. In this process, you get your desired Metal building or Metal Carport on lease for a fixed time. The monthly installments that are similar to EMIs get deposited in the bank. When the deposited amount sums up to a certain amount, for example, x percentage of the total amount; the Metal Carport will get registered under the buyers’ name.

With this feature, you can avoid dealing with any agency or third-party interference to get your credit application approved. You can quickly and easily access our Metal Carport through the Rent-to-Own feature. Below are some of the basic elements of our Rent-to-Own Metal Carport scheme:

  • Same-Day Approval: You do not have to wait for ages to get your dreamy Metal Carport just because you are short on credit. Get approval on the same day and allow us to install the best Metal Carport for you.

  • No Credit Check: If you are worried about us going through your credit history so that we can further process your requested Metal Building, then be relaxed. We do not perform any Credit Checks and believe our customers.

  • Pay off your amount anytime: Since we always try to make our entire credit process easy and smooth, if you ever decide to convert your rental quickly to a purchase feel free to reach out to us. You can pay your dues any time and get your rental Metal Carport quickly turned into your own Metal Carport.

  • Month-to-Month Contract: Our Rent-to-Own plan is applicable on monthly basis and with minimal hassle.
  • Through our Metal Carport, store your any time just a few meters away from your home. Or you can also use it as a shelter for your vehicle, or maybe as a workshop or garden shed. We have left that up to you. So quickly ping us to get a quote on your Metal Carport. Get a customizable Metal Carport and let it turn into a valuable asset over the years.


As an interested buyer, you do not have to worry more about having all the money ready in your hands to pay for the needed Metal building or your desired Metal Carport. These structures are an amazing substitute for your conventional garages and protect your vehicles or any item you decide to store with minimal costs.

Hence, enjoy the benefits of these structures through our Rent-to-Own facility.

For people with financial constraints, seeking a solution to assist them in their purchase, we have proposed this RTO plan. Through this you can have your Carport installed as a rental, coming with an option to switch that rental into a purchase.

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